The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards 2019 was held at Hilton Nanhai Hotel in Shenzhen. This is the first time the award ceremony has been held in mainland China.

More than 600 business leaders, industry elites, experts, artists, and more attended this ceremony.

The ceremony was organized by the World Brand Foundation (TWBF), formerly known as the Asia Pacific Brand Foundation (APBF). This professional organization was founded by Dr. KK Johan in 2005. In 2006, TWBF launched the BestBrands Awards. The main purpose of the award was to recognize and promote outstanding brands, and promote the introduction of first-class brand culture into various professional fields. In the past 13 years, thousands of companies around the world have participated in the competition for this award, and it has become the world’s most prestigious and coveted award of its kind.

The award ceremony presented five awards, including the Supreme Brand Award, Personal Brand Award, Personal Leadership Award, Best Technology Brand Award, and International Personal Brand Award. The awards were given to companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the industry. The high-profile technology brand awards were awarded to well-known technology companies such as WeBank and SmartMesh (SMT).

The award ceremony was successfully concluded with the strong support and active participation of many institutions and entrepreneurs. TWBF has 13 years of experience identifying brand excellence. From the very beginning, it has established the concept of brands focused on the future, with the mission of finding lost value in business. While TWBF organizes the annual Awards ceremony, it also invests significant resources into technological innovation and R&D regarding brand value evaluation, as well as advocating and promoting brand assets.

It is believed that in the near future, more and more Chinese enterprises will participate in the Awards to improve the international voice of Chinese brands, open up important cooperation in global brands, and take a more cutting-edge view of innovation, driving the development of the world economy.

To companies that have missed the first China Awards ceremony – we welcome you to contact the organizing committee to actively participate in the next competition, and we wish you and your company the Laurel wreath.