Anna Cai

A native of Ningbo, Anna keeps the administrative side of Proception Limited running like a well oiled machine. From her achievements at the Ningbo Tourism & Cultural Development Center to the challenges of starting her own vehicle renovation company, Anna’s early career taught her an important lesson: Don’t focus on the difficulty of the material, just keep climbing upward – believe in yourself and your dreams will take flight!

That flight started to soar when Anna joined Source 2 Market in 2008, where she stayed on for 8 years, working closely with Nick So’s teams to handle import and export documents, and administer vital human resources tasks. This period of time allowed Anna to specialize in operation procedures, as well as laws and regulations regarding foreign customs.

Anna joined the Proception team in 2018, and when she isn’t playing a vital administrative role in company, she is enjoying one of her favorite pastimes such as baking, traveling, reading, and listening to classical music.