Frank Li

Frank Li is the chief engineer and senior manager at Proception Limited.

Originally from the Hunan province, Frank fully dedicated himself to studying engineering. This led to great work experience, from a CEO-recognized position at a major micro motor factory, to starting his own enterprise (specializing in gardening tools), to joining Nick So’s first company, Source to Market, in 2009.

Frank has always said that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you will achieve your dreams. His new dream is to take Proception and its customers’ to greater heights in success and innovation. To do this, he specializes in product structural design, hardware, and plastics, along with highly focused production management.

Catch him on an off day and you might find Frank at the cinema, or in his easy chair enjoying a Tom Clancy thriller. An avid traveler, his favorite destination (so far) has been the visually stunning lakes of Huanglong National Park in Sichuan Province.