Roy Luo

Right after studying mechanical, electronic, and communication engineering at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Roy made a big splash in the hydroponics industry by pioneering new water cultivation technology with Hawthorne Gardening, the largest such distributor in North America and Europe.

In 2014, Roy followed on that success by joining Ningbo Huacai Communications and led the group responsible for Huawei 4G filters R&D. By working tirelessly around the clock, Roy’s team won the contract with Huawei and became their fastest supplier for this brand new technology.

Since 2017, Roy has rounded out Proception’s formidable capabilities by using his technical skills combined with an eye for the next big breakthrough and a dedication to tight deadlines. With interests like football, painting, music, and documentaries, Roy also maintains this essential perspective on life:

“You can’t decide life’s length, but you can determine it’s breadth. Keep learning, stay curious, and dare to explore.”